Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wireless at last

Once I figured out how to compile the driver (see the edit in the previous post), things went quite a bit smoother. I created a new image of the root file system that includes the modules, threw it on gumstix, loaded the modules with modprobe and was able to associate with an AP and ping google (the ultimate test of every network connection :P). In the process I also ended up setting up NFS which was very easy on gumstix. I followed the gumstix wiki about that:, but one thing I would suggest adding to the mount is the soft option, otherwise gumstix may lock up when there is a file request and a timeout occurs. Tomorrow I'll try to throw in the host_ap drivers and see how well roofnet/click will run on the device. After that lots of roofnet code hacking. Not looking forward to it: seems a bit daunting.

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