Thursday, June 7, 2007

sfs adventure

Today I worked on setting up SFS. I got the client installed from the debian testing tree on my laptop and verified it works correctly.

Compiling the server side has been more difficult. The sfskey does not seem to be running correctly as it manages to generate a key but then it does not save it. I will try looking at the source code to find the issue, which I think would be pretty obvious, as the error supplied is "file not found." It seems that there is a small bug where they may be opening a wrong file(?). I hope to have this done tomorrow.

I also subscribed to the sfs mailing list and asked whether cvsweb could be fixed as it'd be much easier to browse the repository, but that will not be a big deal.

Goals for tomorrow:
1. get sfs running fine on the server
2. find the proxy re-signature version of the library
3. begin working on integrating it with the existing code.

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