Monday, June 25, 2007

The verdex board

I tried to follow the same route to get roofnet to work on the verdex, but modifying the patches to work with linux 2.6.19 on the verdex has proven to be quite difficult. I managed to get the kernel to compile, but then errors would appear during compiling of various packages. The one I could not get around was compiling ncurses 5.5. I also tried various revisions to see if older packages would compile fine, but no such luck.

Then I took a slightly different approach and tried to modify the patches for roofnet. In the end I was able to compile a working kernel, but it did not support pcmcia. Now I'm trying to compile a revision known to support CF/PCMCIA with the click patches. I have to repatch the kernel, this time modifying the 2.6.16 patches.

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