Tuesday, June 19, 2007

roofnet is running

Finally, I was able to get roofnet to run. Editing the shell script to use the iwconfig/prism2_param was fairly straightforward. I ended up putting the card in monitor mode type 2, which resolved the issue of not being able to receive packets. Currently, when click is run, the interfaces are created and it appears that everything is set up. Next step is to test roofnet on two gumstix. I created a rootfs image to drop on them, which should make it go smoothly. I will test this tomorrow. Hopefully it will work. I would also like to have tcpdump on the stix. I'll throw that on tomorrow to see what packets are transmitted.

The only output from click currently is the notice that interfaces went into promiscuous mode and the cryptic "expensive Packet::push; have 4 wanted 32". Not sure what it refers to. Appears to be a statement about transmitting a packet.

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