Tuesday, July 3, 2007

let there be mesh

Finally got mesh networking to work, if only for a short while. The configuration I setup was as follows: node A was a verdex board with a netstix and a usb hub connected to it. I put in a D-Link CF card and a D-Link usb card. Node B was a connex board with a CF Linksys card and connected to a router with internet access through ethernet. The last piece in the setup was my laptop which connected to node A. Both of the CF cards acted as access points, with different ESSIDs. The usb card acted as a client connecting node A to B. I ran OLSR on both of the nodes and successfully telnetted to (umass page) and retrieved index.html, which apparently did not exist, so I retrieved a 404 message :). The connecting was done of my laptop. To configure the routes OLSR took maybe 2-3 seconds. I had to specify the AP as a default gateway for all traffic on the laptop, but that seems a natural step either way. The subnet configuration was as follows: Laptop and node A AP were on, node A to node B on, and node B to the router on The router ran a dhcp server. The rest of IPs were configured manually but a DHCP server could be setup with each access point.

This setup worked until I called Deepak to check it out, of course that's when it stopped working. The moment I would try to reach the D-Link access point, I would be disassociated from the AP. I will go back and try to figure it out tomorrow. Overall though, OLSR was very easy to set up, and we should've used it to begin with.

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