Monday, July 23, 2007

dtn and hostap

I built DTN for verdex with reasonable success and no big issues. For connex, using revision 1360 proved to be difficult so I tried a different one. Right now I'm trying to build revision 1340 with the packages required by dtn. One thing I have to fix is the path for berkeley db (which was also an issue with verdex). I think this will be done by tomorrow and then I can test it out.

On another note, with hostap it appears that ap_scan is very useful, as we can check ssids without invoking scan directly but instead examine the file in proc. This can be great in the future when we want passive scans to happen and simply check whether a new access point is available. I don't know if the linux-wlan driver supports this, but would be neat.

Justin has the communication setup and we looked into powering devices up/down. Looks like we can do it with wireless pretty easily by pccardctl and eject/insert commands. We're going to do more power measurements to verify that the card does indeed consume less power in that mode. I could not find a gpio pin to toggle to turn it off. Hopefully this will be sufficient.

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