Tuesday, August 21, 2007

DTN Additional Notes

An extra step required to make DTN configure after building is to add the following to the configure command in the berkeleydb.mk file in the buildroot packages directory:
--with-mutex=ARM/gcc-assembly \
After making this change, the db-* directory should be purged from the build_arm_nofpu directory to ensure proper rebuilding.

Without this change, DTN will will encounter the following error while initializing the db:
DB internal error: "unable to initialize mutex: Function not implemented"
Also when DTN is being built, it expects to find TCL header files in /usr/local/tcl-arm/include and TCL libraries in /usr/local/tcl-arm/lib. On the host system these should be linked to {buildroot_dir}/build_arm_nofpu/root/include and {buildroot_dir}/build_arm_nofpu/root/usr/lib respectviely.

After DTN is built, /lib/tcl8.4 should be linked to /usr/lib/tcl8.4, or during db initialization DTN will be very verbose about a misconfigured TCL installation.

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Steve said...

Hi, I am currently working on a project that needs DTN in a linksys router. I have OpenWRT installed in a router and have some problems installing DTN into that. Some people uploaded their own compiled DTN2 ipkg package but they were built with libstdc++ which OpenWRT replaces with uclibc++. I am trying to rebuild that but have a lot of problems.
Do you have any advice ?