Monday, August 6, 2007

dtlsr and discovery

I got dtlsr to work properly, thanks to Mike Demmer for the pointers. In order to set it up one has to set route type to dtlsr and then it is important to also add discovery to the configuration. Here are the lines I used to set that up:
discovery add discovery_bonjour ip port=2000
discovery announce tcp0 discovery_bonjour tcp interval=5

They're pretty straightforward and there are more options for the commands I believe. In the end you should see node announcements broadcast every 5 seconds on port UDP 2000. You can verify if it's running by looking at a packet capture through wireshark. My next step is to test a simple three-four node network. The setup will involve a three wireless nodes: one with just one card in ad-hoc mode, acting as an end node; one with two cards on two different ad-hoc networks acting as a relay; lastly, the last gumstix node will be a gateway to a wired network where a destination node, my laptop is setup. I would like to test if dtn will handle traversing different subnets and also I'd like to see how long it takes to discover a path and how disconnected the network can be (essentially verify the paper on dtlsr:

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Prabhat said...


I want to simulate the DTLSR(paper by Micheal Dammer and Kevin Fall). Can you suggest me which simulator will support it best and how should I start??