Thursday, August 2, 2007

ad-hoc on prism2 with wlan-ng drivers

We were doing range tests with the antennae yesterday and I realized that I forgot how to put the prism2 cards with the wlan-ng driver in ad-hoc mode. I figured I'd put it here in case anyone else has that issue. Here is the command:
wlanctl-ng wlan0 dot11req_start ssid=gumstix bsstype=independent \
beaconperiod=100 dtimperiod=3 cfpollable=false cfpollreq=false cfpperiod=3 \
cfpmaxduration=100 probedelay=100 dschannel=11 basicrate1=2 \
basicrate2=4 operationalrate1=2 operationalrate2=4 operationalrate3=11
It should be run after wlanctl-ng wlan0 lnxreq_ifstate ifstate=enable. Sometimes the cards needs to be reset for this to work properly as well. Also, not all the options are required. For instance I believe the rates may be omitted.

I also have dtn running on the gumstix and I've been thinking of the best way to handle links, since we would want to do store and forward at every node, thus if packets are sent to the gateway they will not be stored on the hops in between. I learnt that there is a linkstate routing implementation for dtn. The router is named dtlsr. I will try to set it up and get working, since it seems exactly what we've been looking for.


Nick said...

I have read with interest your account of OLSR mesh on the gumstix. I am setting up a similar system. Have you furthered that work since 2007?


some gread student said...

Wow, blogspot never notifies of comments... hence I'm replying a year later...

Anyway, OLSR worked quite well on gumstix. We got everything to work. We chose to switch to using DTLSR and DTN (searching on google will most likely find the references), since we needed to deal with frequent disconnects.

Now I feel better that I got back to people... eventually

Elana said...

Good words.